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No plagiarism and/or blatant stealing

Here at C9th.Wiki, we respect authors, artists and their original works. When we use resources on a wiki page, we are making sure that we:

  • Give credit to the original author/artist/creator in the content's description
  • Ensure that it is not prohibited from sharing or publishing online
  • Do not alter their original content unless it is also permitted

Do not post usernames or identifying information

Usernames and/or identifying information is strictly prohibited from being published C9th.wiki's articles.

This includes usernames and guild names in images, videos, screenshots, textual content, and etcetera.
If possible, please:

  • Hide UI when making a screenshot, or edit out usernames / guild names.
  • Hide UI when recording a video, or edit out usernames / guild names.
  • Do not advertise your username and/or guild name in a C9th.wiki article

This excludes talk pages and user profiles

Articles Should Accurately Reflect C9

  • 'Pending' content should be clearly marked as such; i.e, unimplemented changes, leaked data, or otherwise.

This excludes talk pages and user profiles

Image & Video Quality Standards

  • Images must be in .png format and of acceptable resolution/quality.
    • Large resolutions (4k+) should be downsized to an appropriate size (~2k) to save file space.
    • Images that are too small, grainy and/or pixelated will be deleted. This excludes icons.
  • Videos must be from Youtube.
    • Videos below 480p will be removed from C9th.wiki.

This excludes talk pages and user profiles

No Discussion of Game Client Modifications

This is non-disputable. There will be no discussion of game client modifications other than the acceptable FOV and KFont.
Likewise, please do not link to forums that are dedicated to modding. If you are looking for information on this subject, you must find it elsewhere.

Off-Site Linking

C9th.wiki is not responsible for any off-site links you follow. Whilst we moderate and remove bad links, we cannot claim responsibility for a user-based wiki. Please understand this small inconvenience and be responsible for your own browsing. Don't forget to report bad links or bad content to Yule icon.png Yule. Thank you!