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Q: Is this an official Webzen wiki?

A: No. C9th.wiki is property of the C9 community and does not represent Webzen.

Q: Who owns this wiki?

A: There isn't really an "owner", as the wiki belongs to the community by right and is intended as such.
However, the project leader is Yule icon.png Yule. You can find out about her in the link.

Q: Can I remove the ads?

A: Sorry, but since the wiki is a courtesy of wiki.wiki, please keep your ads on to support the servers! The ads are small, non-intrusive and harmless. Thank you for your understanding.

Q: How do I become a moderator?

A: The wiki isn't really in need for many moderators right now.
However, we will consider moderator positions in the future for reliable, friendly users who have editing experience and understand the role. They exist entirely to moderate wiki content, not to power-bully users.

Q: How do I report content?

A: Report anything to Yule icon.png Yule. Don't be afraid to make contact, we appreciate any and all concerns.

Editing & Contribution Help

How can I contribute to this wiki?

You can edit any page as you see fit, to make corrections, additions, and more! If you are new to wikis completely, you can check out the Wiki Help page. We are currently working on a custom help page for C9th.wiki editors, however this may be in the works for some time. A list of user templates can be found in Category:User_Templates, however, not many templates have been arranged yet. Feel free to make one!
If you are not sure how to contribute yourself or you just want to pass on information, feel free to do so via Yule's talk page.